RK Toggle Switch Module (8) RKTOGGLE8

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RAILstuff is thrilled to introduce our partnership with RK who develop superb electronics modules for us modellers.

This module has been designed for use with solenoid points and capacitor discharge units.  Power is supplied to the module via the 2 way terminal blocks, then power is outputted via the 3 way terminal blocks by switching the toggle switches.
  • This has been designed to be used when switching solenoid points
  • Provides power to 8x 3way, terminal blocks which are connected to solenoids
  • The module can output power 8 solenoids
  • Power to the output terminal blocks is controlled by 8 PCB mount toggle switches with momentary, off, momentary action
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Uses a high quality, professional, double sided PCB with silkscreen layer
  • The PCB is compact  - 120x22mm
  • The PCB has mounting holes - PCB mounting pads are included)
  • Ideal for controlling points