RK OO Gauge Track Testing Module RKTT1

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RAILstuff is thrilled to introduce our partnership with RK who develop superb electronics modules for us modellers.

This track tester works on OO, HO and N Gauge track and enables you to quickly test track for DCC or DC power as well as also helping you to locate faults at track joints, points etc. To use, simply place it across your track and the multi-coloured LED will either display Orange for DCC power, or Red and Green for DC power with the colour indicating the positive or negative. The polarity (or train direction) of the rails is shown on the product.

  • This handy little module has been designed to test track for DCC or DC power
  • Uses a dual colour LED
  • When DC is detected the LED will be either green or red, when DCC (16VAC) is detected both LEDs light and the colour will be orange
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Uses a high quality, professional, double sided PCB with silkscreen layer
  • The PCB is compact
  • Ideal for testing DC/DCC model railway tracks for power continuity