RAILstuff Light Brown N Gauge Ballast (500g Jar)

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Ballast - One of the most important jobs on any layout, and one where selection of tiny stones has never been so important.

RAILstuff ballast is sourced from experts in model railway scenery and will lift the realism of any layout.


Available in 4 styles:

  1. Granite Grey Track Ballast
  2. Granite Grey Super Fine Ballast
  3. Light Brown Track Ballast
  4. Light Brown Super Fine Ballast

The 'Track Ballast' is ideal for ballasting OO Gauge track. The 'Super Fine' ballast is great for smaller areas, finer gauges and for mixing with the track ballast to give a great blend of effects.


To make ballasting easy, why not pick up a tube of Deluxe Materials Ballast Bond, or get properly prepared with the RAILstuff Ballasting Starter Pack.