Pre-wired 3mm LED lights [Yellow] 5-pack - Grain of wheat

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Pre-wired 3mm LED lights [Yellow] 5-pack - Grain of wheat

The laymans explanation:

  • These bulbs are perfect for connecting up around your layout to add some character and bring your scene to life - available in multiple colours
  • The bulbs are 3mm in size, otherwise known as 'grain of wheat' which is the perfect size for modelling
  • You will need to get power to them - Our suggestion is to hook up a 12v power supply network to cover all your layout lighting - but these bulbs will work with anything from 9-14v DC
  • They are pre-wired with flexible but sturdy 200mm cables with the ends stripped and tinned ready for soldering
  • Unlike most LEDs they actually have a red and a black cable, which is always reassuring!

The technical details:

  • Lenses Type : Round Crystal Clear
  • Brightness : 8000mcd
  • Lead Length : 20cm
  • Optimum Supply Voltage : 9V to 12V for highest brightness
  • Minimum Supply Voltage : 5V with much reduced brightness
  • Maximum Supply Voltage : 14V
  • Current : 20mA @ 12V
  • Viewing Angle : 25 degrees
  • Wavelength : 590nm