Knightwing PM118 Fuel Oil Load Unload Point Kit

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Knightwing kits are well known for their accuracy and detail and this kit is no different. You may need some cement to build the kit, but fear not, we have you covered here.

Fuel or Oil etc loading or unloading point (2 in kit) + accessories

The completed kit can be positioned alongside a railway track on a diesel depot or fuel/oil depot but could also be used for loading/unloading of fuel for HGV tankers before commencing a road delivery etc.

If you wish enhance your Fuel or Oil loading or unloading point please see PM116 Diesel/Fuel Oil Depot, PM117 Single Diesel Fuel tank, PM135 Oil/Fuel Tanks and our pipe kits UN1/UN2/UN3

OO Scale

Height 1 inch
Length 10½ inches
Width 1½ inches
Please note all sizes are approximate