The past couple of weeks for RAILstuff

The past couple of weeks for RAILstuff

It has been fantastic fun visiting the last couple of BP Fairs and meeting so many of you - so much fun in fact we will be back this weekend in Doncaster of all places!

Previously we had thought old Donny might be a bit far, but after realising it's basically the same distance for us as Bolton was yesterday then it was time to book in.

I've placed a few orders today, 1) to replenish stock sold, and 2) to add to the range based on products you have been asking us for.

In the next couple of days, we will be adding some modelling putty items as well as adding some of the super new Humbrol Acrylic paint dropper bottles as our friends at Expo are good enough to allow the purchase of individual bottles.

On top of that, we are in some fairly advanced talks with an additional scenery partner which is tremendously exciting - I hope to give more details by the end of the week.

For now though I'm off to put a brew on and catch up with all of the Formula E action that I missed over the weekend!