RAILstuff Plaster Cloth 5-Pack

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Plaster cloth, bandage, mod roc, whatever you want to call it... it's just amazing for creating scenery.

  1. Cut size of bandage you want to use
  2. Soak it in water for a few seconds
  3. Lay it on the area you want to sculpt
  4. Rub over it with a wet finger
  5. Brush smooth with a wet brush

The plaster goes solid in a matter of minutes and then fully hardens in just a couple of hours. You can then give an undercoat of paint, before layering scenery over the top.

Create hills, mounds, banking, textured areas, fields - it's so versatile.

Each roll measures 15cm x 2.7mt.

Some of the big brands charge big money - So we have worked had to source great quality plaster cloth that we can sell to you at a great price!