Modellers World Weathering Paint

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Multitasking, almost odourless acrylic paints for painting effects on the surface models and dioramas.


  • With an airbrush; from very subtle dusting to a thick layer of accumulated dirt - the effect.
  • With a brush; the paint flows beautifully around the details when used as "wash”Generating interesting effects. Taping, scraping, spraying with a brush or painting precise abrasions and stains, there are many options.
  • The sponge technique; Random Chips will work especially for rust and spatter colors, but are also great for mud and even dust colors.
  • The technique of "shooting" air from an airbrush at a brush; dip your old brush in our paint and let your imagination run wild by splashing it on the model with aero blows. A very good and simple technique that imitates splashes of mud and dust on the bottom of vehicles!
  • Diorama painting; the shaded and color-modulated terrain, as in the case of the vehicle model, looks much more attractive than the monotone one-color. Use Weathered Paints with an airbrush to colorize terrain made of earth pastes and even loose sand from Modellers World. You can also create mud with it, also in combination with our Pigment Cement!

* the photo shows the tonal range of the color depending on the number / thickness of the layers, it may differ depending on individual monitor settings.