Modellers World Wet Effect Spills

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Amazing product for creating flat effects of wet surfaces & stains.

Transparent after drying in the shade indicated.
Thicker layers give greater color saturation.

Thanks to this, you can create both delicate dampness as well as larger stains, and even the effect of a puddle.

It should be remembered that the product is not intended for pouring with a thickness greater than 1 millimeter.

Usage Tips:

  • It is better to mix the product, for example with the supplied pipette, than to shake it. Shaking produces foam which makes it difficult to handle the product. Shaking is advisable only when the product has stood for a long time and the color has visibly settled to the bottom.
  • Damp surfaces: paint delicate stains and streaks with a brush, toothpick or similar tool. Can be used in an airbrush and diluted with water or preferably "Modellers World - Acrylic Doctor ".
  • Pipette application: You can conveniently apply larger stains and spills with a pipette. After suction "Game - Wet effect”Make sure that no foam is dripping down the pipette, if so, wipe it off. When dropping, try not to suck in air. If air bubbles come out of the pipette, scoop up the liquid again.
  • Rub the product with a toothpick, a thin brush or similar tool, forming the desired shape of a stain or stain.
  • The easiest way to remove air bubbles is by gently blowing into the stain, or use a needle to pierce the stain.
  • The product needs several hours to a day to dry completely at room temperature, depending on the thickness of the layer.