Modellers World Pigment Cement

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50ml Pigment Cement – Modellers World

Capacity: 50 ml

  • Recommended use:
  • As a sand and pigment binder for dioramas, models
  • For creating thin or thick mud from pigments and additives
  • Bonds pigments, gypsum, sand and other loose products


  • Almost odorless, perfumed
  • Does not contain foul-smelling organic thinners
  • Quick drying
  • Bottle with dispenser for convenient application

Acrylic binder for pigments and aggregates. It can be used to stick them to the model and dioramas or to make mud from pigment with additions. Creates an elastic coating, does not change the pigment color.

Apply a thin layer to the model or surface of the diorama and cover it with pigment or sand and additions. You can also mix glue with pigments, Modellers World sands and create realistic mud or imitation of earthy soil. For a wet mud effect, paint with satin / glossy varnish after drying.