Modellers World Model Degreaser 100ml

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Modellers World, Model Degreaser 100ml

  • Preparation for degreasing the surface of the model before painting.

  • Can be used on plastic, resin and photoetched parts.

  • Cap with a dropper for economical and safe application.

  • Evaporates quickly.

The preparation removes all greasy dirt, after fingerprints, production lubricants, the residues of which may be on the plastic. Incomparably to traditional washing, it effectively prepares surfaces for applying undercoat paint. It provides maximum paint adhesion, increases its chipping resistance and prevents the formation of so-called mesh. Under the influence of the preparation, the plastic may become discoloured and look dull - this is a desirable effect. The product evaporates quickly, the surfaces can be painted after a few minutes. Can be used on resin and photoetched parts. The bottle contains a dropper in the thread to prevent accidental spillage and facilitate economical dispensing.

Using a lint-free cloth, paper towel or soft brush, wipe the entire model thoroughly or spray with an airbrush. Leave to evaporate. From now on, do not touch the model with bare hands, not to spoil the effect.